Our mission is to build the first RV using real XXI century technologies from the ground up: lightweight, energy efficient, all electric powered.

Featuring effective solutions to improve interior space to the max while keeping exterior measures within European limits, the unit comes standard with everything you need to travel smoothly and to live on the road with the same comfort as you experience at home, all the time you want.

Vehicle 2 Grid (V2G) is in our sights: the coach is not going to be a dusty investment when not out traveling, but an economic resource for the owner.

If domestic connection is not an option, we may borrow the coach and connect it to other similar ones and build up our dynamic solar farm.

The Design

We have taken the essence of North American Rv Epicity and the best of European efficiency to apply it on a brand new EV platform, entirely developed to become the ultimate motorhome.


Great insulation and smart solutions applied to store energy in any form possible make the unit highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly, while almost completely noiseless: you’ll visit Nature without it noticing your presence.

More space inside

More than 29 square meters of living space on a 9 meters long vehicle makes it probably the most spacious motorhome in its category.

Modern materials

It is so vast inside that passengers will find the same domestic appliances they are used to at home.

Floor plan

Six passengers and six places to sleep, each with a 2 meter long and 80 cm wide bed that stay out of your way all the time.

Tech specifications

By connecting the coach to the house, the owner will get a personal power source and energy storage to support house consumption and to cut electric bills.

@ 45° latitude (approx. Milan)

Our system would produce energy for €536.00*

@ 60° latitude (approx. Stockholm)

Our system would produce energy for 3.652 SEK*

Return for the householder in Italy

Our solar roof located In Italy (where electricity costs to housholder about 0.2226 €/kW*) would produce energy worth €2.982,84.

Return for the householder in Sweden

Our solar roof located Sweden (where electricity costs to householder about 0.1826 €/kW*) would produce energy worth €1.667,14.

*Check our FV research to explain were the data we give come from

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